IEC 61375 Train Inauguration

Train coupling and decoupling is a day by day operation in a train lifecycle. To guarantee interoperability, IEC 61375 has defined a standard network implementation ensuring that whichever train can be coupled together with another train without the need of having the same provider of networking apparatus (therefore, no proprietary implementation is requied) and ensuring automatic network configuration. IEC 61375 guarantees full interoperability by defining how the Backbone Network - which is separated (Segregate) from the Consist Traffic - should be implemented.


  1. Standard IEC 61375 Train Inauguration
  2. Full Interoperability
  3. Standard TTDP (Train Topology Discovery Protocol)
  4. Standard TRDP (Train Protocol)
  5. Standard IEC 61375-2-3 TCN Communication Profile available


VDS Rail's Train Backbone Nodes and Integrated Train Backbone Nodes have been specifically designed to comply with the norm. Both devices are equipped with inbuild TTDP protocol, TRDP protocol, and the IEC 61375-2-3 full Communication Profile.