TTCMP Network Toolkit

Get full control of your Rolling Stock Network

TTCMP Network Toolkit streamlines the design and commissioning operations during the network deployment and simplifies the maintenance activities.


  1. Fast Network Design: you can effortlessly design a complete network applying your technical requirements
  2. First set-up and commissioning simplification: troubleshooting of the network configuration is made available by specific commissioning tools
  3. Maintenance Optimization: easy fault detection, Plug-and-play functionality to replace faulty devices


  • Multi-platform applications that can be easily installed on your computer
  • Network status information
  • Continuous monitoring of Networking Devices
  • Auto-configuration of Networking Devices with no need for skilled technicians
  • Information is made available to implement troubleshooting


VDS Rail's TTCMP Network Toolkit is composed by:

  1. TTCMP Network Designer graphical user interface
  2. TTCMP Services
  3. TTCMP Commissioning Tools

TTCMP Network Designer graphical user interface allows you to easily configure the whole network by:

  • Setting-up connections between active nodes and end devices
  • Defining the complete device configuration: IP address, VLAN, QoS, etc.
  • Defining the global parameters (e.g., default gateway) and easily apply them to all nodes.

TTCMP Services conveys live information through the network to all nodes and enables infield configuration:

  • Diagnostic data e.g. failure detection ( wrong connections, wrong configuration, etc.)
  • Active nodes’ or End Devices parameters’ set-up

The TTCMP Commissiong Tools are specifically designed to be used by the infield engineers and allow them to operate on the entire network by simply connecting to a single node, thus saving considerable time. The application can be used to set-up parameters, edit configuration, and simulate the network’s behavior resulting from the modifications made.