VDS Rail's solutions to support and simplify multiple Consist Coupling

When it comes to coupling two or more trains/consists, Ethernet Consist Networks are connected to enable communication between all the ethernet equipment.

When Train Composition information is unavailable from the ETB or WTB sources, it must be obtained independently, moreover, several networking requirements should then be properly managed. Among the others, there is the need to detect the networks' Coupling or Uncoupling, to know the active Train Composition (both sequence and orientation of each Consist), and to manage the IP addresses in order to avoid overlaps.

Thanks to the VDS Rail Train/Consist Coupling Solutions, the support for the above-mentioned issues is simplified, streamlined, and completely automated!


VDS Rail Consist Switches easily facilitate and simplify potentially complex operational difficulties:

  1. Coupling/Uncoupling detection: Train shortening/lengthening
  2. Automatic Train Composition Discovery providing sequence and orientation of each Consist
  3. Simplified and Custom-based IP Addressing schema possibilities: parametrical flat or routed mode with RNAT support
  4. Intra-Consist data flow control
  5. Composition information available in several formats, XML, SNMP


  • Functionality is made available on all Consist Switches, without the need for separate information/tools
  • TTCMP Network Toolkit & Commissioning Tools to support this solution
  • TCDS (Train Composition Discovery Service) to support this solution