High Resilience Network

Deploy the most resilient and high bandwidth network

In most cases, on-board network implementations are driven by minimum acceptable resilience and best-effort network bandwidth due to cost-driven choices.

Ring topologies typically answer to all these requirements. When resilience, recovery times, bandwidth, etc. become more strict, other solutions should be implemented to provide the proper network solution.

Coupled Switch® is VDS Rail’s original implementation to meet the most rigorous requirements to ensure multi-fault resilience, fixed recovery times, and high bandwidth throughput. 


  1. No loop avoidance protocol
  2. Localized fault handling (Fixed recovery times)
  3. High Resilience
  4. Support of Dual Home devices
  5. Effective use of the available bandwidth (2xGbE or 2xFE)


Coupled Switch® can be configured on a pair of VDS Rail’s switches connected in a pre-defined mode (2 ports of one switch are connected with the same ports of the second switch) so that 2 physical switches operate like a single “logical” switch. 

Coupled Switch® is highly recommended for linear topologies implementation (that reproduce the train coaches’ layout): from a logical point of view, the single “logical” switches are linked together by a double line; from a physical point of view, the implementation can be presented as you can see in the picture on the side and on the top of the page.