Dynamic Consist Composition

VDS Rail’s Solution to Train Consist Vehicle Reconfiguration

Operational challenges result when it becomes necessary to reconfigure the Consist cars’ composition, especially on Commuter Trains. The need to increase-decrease the cars’ number and change their position, based on the actual passenger loads, is made by the operator in order to guarantee the best passenger service experience.

When a new Trainset is initiated for passenger operation, the Ethernet communication structure must be appropriately discovered and configured for operation.

Thanks to the VDS Rail Dynamic Consist Composition tool, the configuration operation is simplified, streamlined, and completely automated!


  1. Digital train sets are fully operational after the reconfiguration of Consist coaches without direct human intervention
  2. Consist Switch embedded solution (no special tools required)
  3. Dynamic IP Addressing based on the actual coach position
  4. Automatic and simplified multi-coach project design