TTCMP for Backbone (T4B)

VDS Rail's alternative approach to the Train Inauguration

The implementation of full IEC 61375 standard often leads to increased complexity in terms of cabling and devices, as well as to increased costs. In most cases, full interoperability is not required by the specific project. However, it is still necessary to achieve trains coupling/decoupling by meeting the same requirements in terms of trains' connectivity, data composition, information, and communication.

TTCMP for Backbone (T4B): VDS Rail's time & cost-saving solution

 TTCMP for Backbone (T4B) is VDS Rail's solution to achieve the automatic TCN network reconfiguration when two or more consists are coupled or decoupled with no need for the Train Backbone apparatus foreseen by IEC 61375 standard.

By operating a strict control of data flow - particularly on the ports dedicated to the inter-consist connections - VDS Rail's Consist Switches can easily simulate the external Backbone lines through a dedicated VLAN.